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TN Limited

                     TN Limited

 TN Limited                    

This website is to provide general information about my company TN Limited. This website does not do business and is not meant for it. Some of the information may be curtailed due to security reasons. Please do not post comments. I am the KING and HEAD of the State of MESOPOTAMIA and CHALDEA. I am the sole Owner and Chairman of the company. I am also the Commander in Chief of all employees of the company including the Security forces, who are under my direct command. I am a Mesopotamian, straight, and am the direct descendent of holy high Priest and holy high King King NEBUCHADNEZZAR of babylon.

The company name, TN Limited stands for my name, Tanvir Nebuchadnezar. The company is a fully private company with no public participation. It does not receive any funds from any government or private organization. Because of these reasons, the company is completely owned by me. All the company’s branches and investments, as well as finances and assets are also completely owned by me.

My Company, TN Limited was formed in 2009 with my daddy, who is the Co-Chairman and Director General of the company. The purpose of the company initially was to make use of my inventions and other scientific works for commercial purposes. Though, I started my scientific research during my childhood and did several scientific works by 2009. But, I started my inventions and my scientific works in bulk in 2007. Hence, the need to establish the company with the above parameters arose in 2009. Also, I did not had sufficient backup and security prior to this, to have established such a company.
Though the company has certain number of members of the Board, but this Board can be dismantled and dissolved by me anytime. This Board and its members are there for administrative and efficiency purposes. It’s a Non-Permanent entity in the company.
The only post in the company, which is permanent, is my position as sole Owner and Chairman of the company. Its permanent in my lifetime and even after my death. The other permanent position is the Co-Chairman of the company. This position is my daddy’s, both in lifetime and even after his death. I am the only person who can dismiss him from that position. However, in such an eventuality, this position cannot be occupied by any other person, either in his lifetime or in death. He is also the  Director General of the company.
My decisions in all matters related to the company are supreme. I am the only person, who can reverse such decisions.
The rest of the company consists of administrative units, whose employees are selected by an employment panel under the stewardship of my daddy. The salary of the employees is also decided by this employment panel.


To control the finances of the company, to effectively do business, and to allow smooth running of the company, I have developed several Banks, which together form the financial wing of the company.

*RESERVE BANK OF TANVIR: This is the asset holding bank of the company. All the financial resources of the company are deposited here, as well as accounted for.
Reserve Bank of Tanvir or RBT in short has a panel committee, which sees that every resource of the company is accounted for. Its headed by a General Manager. The whole panel is selected by my daddy with my consent.

*STATE BANK OF TANVIR: This is the distribution branch of the financial wing of the company. The money, which is distributed by the company in the form of salaries, donations, foreign financial assistance etc., is done from State Bank of Tanvir or SBT in short.

*SMALL BUSINESS INVESTMENT BANK: This bank has been developed to promote small and medium businesses. It also used to promote selected economies. This bank provides loans under a predetermined scheme for this purpose.

I am the sole Owner and President of all these Banks.


The company realized that business and economics are highly manipulated in today’s world by military power. To circumvent and prevent this manipulation and to protect the assets of the company, the company has formed a security wing.

*SPECIAL FORCES: These are well-trained mobile military capable on any eventuality and enemy. They are backed by the highest quality technology and weapons developed by the company.

*INDUSTRIAL GUARDS: These are Para military forces, exclusively meant to protect the physical and Industrial assets of the company.

*MESOPOTAMIAN PROTECTION FORCE: Since the Company is very proud to represent Mesopotamia; it felt its duty to form a military wing so that the Mesopotamian Buffer zones, developed by the company are well protected. It’s also meant to protect the territorial integrity of Mesopotamian countries, if such a need arises.

*SPECIAL POLICE FORCE: The Company analyzed the situation inside Mesopotamian countries and other members of the Common Currency and concluded that internal security of Mesopotamian countries and areas in which the Company is doing business need to be protected. For this the Company has formed a highly specialized and efficient police force known as Special Police Force.

I am the Commander in Chief of all employees of the company including the Defense wing.


Though, the Company started as a venture to make commercial use of my inventions, but as its financial position got stronger, I decided to invest in other fields as well.
Some of the important fields, in which the company is working, are:

*Hi Tech Gadgets
*Dedicated Network System
*Jewellery and Precious matter
*Hospitality Industry
*Scientific Research


The company believes in Mesopotamian culture and civilization. Hence, we make efforts to help people around the world.
Some important works by the Company are:
*DISASTER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: This committee assesses any situation in which a large number of people are at risk or have suffered and send DMC workers to help the people. I allocate sufficient funds to it so that it is able to perform its duty well.
*CHARITY ORGANIZATION: Even without a disaster-striking people, many people are suffering from cold, heat, poverty etc. The Charity Organization serves to help people who fall outside the ambit of the DMC.
*SLUM DWELLING HOUSING SYSTEM: The Company started a scheme by which people living in slumps will be shifted to temporary shelters and housing flats will be built to replace the slumps.
*UN HELP: The Company also provided substantial annual financial aid to the United Nations.
*AFRICA FUND: The Company has formed a large annual Africa Fund, which is financed by the company but is run by a committee of eminent Africans to help countries in the world.
*The company also runs free restaurants in several countries where food is provided to the needy on first come basis.

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